My name is of both my grandfathers, one from the dark forest and the other a prince in the Baltics before the great trouble there.  They left this good earth long before I came to be, yet I know them well.  You see, where they are now, anything is possible.

Some time ago, decades plus, friends told me, you should write that down or you should get it published.  I am not sure why.  A writer I do not profess to be, just a listener and teller of stories I hear.  If you like them, feel free to pass them on.  If you don't, tell me.

It's my grandmothers, both from the Isle called Emerald, that influenced me the most of the four.  I suppose it's because they had the chance to do it here.

clement charles is a retired sales & marketing exec, who specialized in turning companies around through increased sales revenue instead of cutting costs.  Severe health issues forced him into retirement and disability long before he was ready around the year 2000.

In life's great dance, he considers himself incredibly lucky, with a life long soul mate, his beloved wife, beautiful children, successes in their own right, and now a new generation, a grandchild unto us was born in December of 2009.

clement writes for his local church bulletin, St. Wenceslaus, in Gill's Pier, Michigan, a loving parish of the best people on earth.  There may be many as good, but none better than these people of 'the Inside', the Leelanau Peninsula, the Little Finger of the great state of Michigan, the Up North state of place and mind.